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Sri Reddy: Want To Destroy Pawan Kalyan! RGV Asked Me To Call PK Motherf****r!

RGV Influenced Sri Reddy To Abuse Pawan Kalyan

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Sri Reddy has been the hot topic not only in the state but nationwide. After she went topless in front of the Telugu Film Chamber, the focus was completely on her. But shockingly, she went on to call Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan ‘Motherf****r in front of the media. The comments went viral, and she faced a lot of backlash from all corners of the society.

Surprising everyone, Ram Gopal Varma posted a video on YouTube claiming that, it was him who actually advised Sri Reddy to call Pawan Kalyan that way. ‘My only intention was to make sure that Sri Reddy gets more coverage. It is me who personally advised her to call Pawan Kalyan that way. I convey my apologies to Pawan Kalyan’.

Meanwhile, a phone call recording between Sri Reddy and Tamannah (Junior Artist) was leaked. On the call, Sri Reddy was heard stating that, it was Ram Gopal Varma who asked her to call that way, and because of this the whole movement is let down.She also spoke about few YSRCP leaders coming to her and trying to pollute her mind. Sri Reddy stated that RGV advised her to demand Rs 5 crores from Suresh Babu Family, in order to keep silent on Abhiram issue.

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