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RGV on Pawan Kalyan fans and Katthi Mahesh Row!

RGV on Pawan Kalyan fans and Katthi Mahesh Row!

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In recent times, Katthi Mahesh has been targeting Pawan Kalyan for his own personal reasons. He claims that he has the right to question anyone in the society, and he is a part of the democracy. Katthi Mahesh and ‘Bejawada’ movie director Vivek Krishna participated in a live TV debate over the ongoing row between Katthi Mahesh and Pawan Kalyan fans. During the show, Vivek asked Katthi Mahesh to briefly tell about his mother.

Katthi Mahesh who got offended by that question immediately got up and walked out of the studio. This was seen as a counterpunch to Katthi Mahesh and exposed his hypocrisy. Vivek was in no way offending that day, by asking Katthi Mahesh to explain to his mother in brief.

Meanwhile, Kona Venkat requested Pawan Kalyan fans and even Katthi Mahesh to maintain silence, and not to disturb the attempt to bring peace.

It looks like RGV has taken a different stance. In his tweet, RGV not only appreciated his assistant, (Vivek worked as an assistant under RGV) Vivek’s counter to Katthi Mahesh.

His tweet read, ‘In defending Pawan Kalyan from Katthi Mahesh, my assistant Vivek in Mahaa TV interview looked like just, not a hero but a super-duper hero. I am amazingly amazed at how he actually made Katthi Mahesh run in fear… Now after seeing this I want to join as Vivek’s assistant.

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