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Robo 2.O Lyrical Videos (Tamil)

Robo 2.O Lyrical Videos

Superstar Rajnikanth, super director Shankar, and super music director A.R.Rahman combination “Robo 2.O”. Actually, Telugu lyrical videos not available yet now, but music need not language, it needs feeling and emotion. So, the songs are listening by Telugu people, moreover for that crazy combination and A.R.Rahman’s musical magic. Some visuals in the lyrical video are enough for some days until release the Telugu version. Actually, the movie has only two songs, and they are Endhira Logathu Sundariye and Raajali. Frankly, we need not discuss A.R.Rahman’s music and he gave another best of the bests.

Albeit, Shankar’s visualization are most attracting part in the movie, and his songs always exist in the next level. And, we can see the sample looks and visuals in these lyrical videos. Really, Shakar put crores of money for the making of songs. Once upon a time, a person has asked him about the expenditure of song making and mainly about Athisayame song in Jeans. Then, Shakar said, “Actually, the man who lives in America, he wants to dream something famous places, not the streets. So, he dreamt the seven wonders of the world, that’s it.” Really, that is an excellent answer and also fact.

 he revealed the secret behind the title 2.O

And, he revealed the secret behind the title 2.O in his recent interview. He said, “the reason is Rahman because if you observe in Robo movie, the robot Chitti fights with Police officers after kidnap Aishwarya. In that fight, Rahman created a background score with vocals, i.e, 2.O, 2.O, 2.O… That is the reason behind this title.” So, let’s wait for this wonder…

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