Roll Rida’s “Arupu” Rap Music Video About GIRL



Really goosebumps… Fantastic taking by Harikanth Gunamagari. Moreover, the rap was written and sang by Roll Rida who is present BiggBoss housemate. Earlier, he made Kite song and sang in Bruce Lee while Chiranjeevi entering. We see him in BiggBoss show and knowing about him, and his character. Though, we can say that he has more love for her sister. Now, his respect towards women and affection for girls have shown in this music video. The lyrics in the song are really facts and execution was very creative. The rap about girl’s problems and his stand for girls is really great.


A complete version was shown in this song. The song titled as Arupu and really it was suitable. Because what we felt that a girl will raise her voice against problems. A girl should do it for herself and shout. The presenting of the concept was really creative because they used the parallel narration. They show, what it appears to us as well as what is fact behind that. The music, lyrics, creative presentation, and actors all are good.


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