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HomelatestMetro Train handicapped! | RTC Bus travels faster than Metro Train!

Metro Train handicapped! | RTC Bus travels faster than Metro Train!

RTC Bus travels faster than Metro Train!

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From the past few weeks, we have been reporting that the Hyderabad Metro Rail failed to impress the Hyderabadis. The same continues even this time. A metro train stopped at the Ameerpet Metro Station on 31st morning. Officials stated that a technical snag disrupted the train’s service. This disruption delayed trains in both the directions.

The Hyderabad Metro Officials immediately responded and the train was taken to the ‘safety parking lane’ at the Prakash Nagar station. The safety parking lane is a third track, that runs in between the two tracks. Post that, metro services resumed.

Shockingly, a report claimed that RTC buses reach the destination faster than the metro services. On an average, metro train takes around 52 minutes from Nagole to Ameerpet. To board the metro train, the commuters need to reach the metro station, wait for the train an pray to god that there would be no disruption of services. Meanwhile, the TSRTC buses cover the distance between Nagole and Ameerpet within 50 minutes. And moreover, the bus-fare is also less when compared to the metro fare.

Let us hope that metro delivers what is expected from it. 

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