Ruhi Singh tries to decode why runaway bride stories are entertaining


Actress Ruhi Singh who plays the protagonist in her latest web series “Runaway Lugaai” feels she was mentally cheering for her character, who was bold enough to run away from her marriage.

From Julia Roberts in “Runaway Bride”, to Kareena Kapoor’s escape in “3 Idiots” or Diana Penty’s run in “Happy Bhaag Jayegi” stories about brides-to-be running away from their weddings has always entertained the audience. Ruhi reasons why: “Stories of runaway brides might not be convincing for all, but there could be multiple reasons as to why a bride is fighting against this new chapter of her life.”

She explained: “My character Bulbul is bold, ‘bindaas’ and, as a smalltown girl, she goes through this dilemma of wanting to achieve and live her big dream even at the cost of running away from her life as a newlywed. While enacting that scene, there was this sense of purpose and adrenaline rush through me, and I was mentally cheering on my character who so bravely decided to make an unconventional choice. Bulbul finds a different path for herself and she isn’t afraid to go after it. This courage is what I love about her. It’s the sheer thrill of being able to take a giant leap of faith that leaves most of us fascinated by these plots.”

The show also features Sanjay Mishra and Naveen Kasturia among others, and it streams on MX Player.


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