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HomelatestRythu Bandhu Got Green Signal From Election Commission

Rythu Bandhu Got Green Signal From Election Commission

We are all aware of that election commission imposes a ban on government schemes which attract the voters. Election Commission stated that those schemes are a violation of the election code of conduct and they also felt that any political party should not be supposed to imply schemes before the elections. Recently Election commission imposed a ban on “Bathukamma festival” saree distribution to the women. But, The Election Commission of India (ECI) on Friday gave the green signal for the distribution of Rythu Bandhu financial help to farmers. The Agriculture Principal Secretary C Parthasarathi had written a letter to the ECI looking for seeking on the dispersion of Rythu Bandhu checks when the model code of conduct rules is in power.

Election Commission stated

The approves is for pre-distinguished beneficiaries of the plan subject to the conditions that the government should not add any beneficiaries in the list of existing beneficiaries. , ECI also made it clear that no public meeting to be held regarding this scheme and no public meetings should not conduct in any manners and no political leaders involved in the distribution of cheques. The EC also directed them that if possible, Cash should be sent through electronic transfer to the account of beneficiaries and made it clear that Cheques should not be distributed, EC Principal Secretary S.K. Rudola stated.

Agriculture primary secretary C Parthasarathy

Agriculture primary secretary C Parthasarathy responding to comments of Rudola by saying that the method of payment was not an issue and that the government was prepared to e-transfer the amount to the recipients.Now Latest News is that The State government kickstarted the distribution of ‘Rabi-Rythu Bandhu’ checks to around 52 lakh farmers in the State. It might be reviewed that Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao had guaranteed the agriculture that the State government will give Rs 4,000 for each section of land per crop under the Rythu Bandhu scheme to all the farmers amid Kharif and Rabi seasons.

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