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Sai Dharam Tej Brother Vaishnav Tollywood Entry

Sai Dharam Tej Brother Vaishnav Tollywood Entry

There are at least two heroes a year entering to Tollywood from Mega Family as heroes. Already there are many heroes from mega family. Some of them have succeeded, and some are looking forward to success. According to the credible information, there is another hero entry from mega family. Chiranjeevi’s nephew Sai Dharam Tej’s younger brother Vaishnav soon to became the hero. Recently he is seen in film festivals and also learning acting skills and action stunts.

The Mega family is going to officially introduce Vaishnav to the Tollywood film industry. Stories are getting ready for Vaishnav, This Mega Hero entry seems to be going with a love story. Pawan Kalyan not even gives his support to the mega family heroes since he does not likes legacy. This is why the reason mega family members do not like in Pawan Kalyan.

Pawan suggested Vaishnav try as a hero, so he decided to become a hero. Mega family friends and followers are trying to make publicity about this news from the last two days. They believe that Vaishnav would acquire a huge craze if Pawan Kalyan supports him. But Pawan Kalyan followers deny the news that it was totally fake.

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