Sai Pallavi another Ramulamma…

Sai Pallavi compared to Ramulamma

Sai Pallavi compared to Ramulamma

It is the Telugu audience who show the true and unconditional love for the actors once if they starts liking them. Recently, the actress Sai pallavi made all the audience fidaa with her performance and the Telangana slang in the film Fidaa. Hence all the Telugu audience began loving her soo much than before. Furthermore, Recently a guy tweets comparing Sai pallavi with raamulamma. Sai Pallavi compared to Ramulamma post is going viral. As Vijaya shanthi’s character portrays her in a Telangana nativity with telangana slang they compare sai pallavi with ramulamma. This movie is a block buster hit at that time. And now after 20 years only “Fidaa” is up with such response.

Many people likes the post and reacted on the post in social media. While on the other hand some people think how could both the characters be even compared, as fidaa is a love story and raamulamma is rebelion story. Whatever it may be Sai pallavi grabs all the attention in Tollywood with her debutant movie.

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