Sai Pallavi says No For Openings

Sai Pallavi rejects Openings

The actress who got introduced to the Telugu audience with the movie Fidaa is Sai Pallavi. Usually, we see the actress who bags a success movie gets busy with showrooms and shopping malls openings. The same repeats here with Sai Pallavi. After the movie, Fidaa Sai Pallavi is getting many shop opening offers. They offer a huge remuneration of 15 to 25lakhs for every opening. In spite of huge offers, Sai Pallavi rejects shopping mall openings isn’t showing much interest towards openings.

Though Fidaa success even gave her with a list of films, Sai Pallavi decides to work only under Dil Raju productions for her next two movies. As Dil Raju is the one to introduce her to the Telugu audience, she has great respect towards him. As per the reports, Sai Pallavi finalizes her two to three projects with Dil Raju and doesn’t do any other movie in 2018. We very rarely find such dedicated actresses in the industry.

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