Sakshi’s Last-Minute Trails To Defame CBN With Old Videos

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The rival camp of TDP, YSRCP, via their media house Sakshi is trying desperately to sling more mud on Chandrababu Naidu. Its recent video release against CBN explains everything.

Going into the details, a video is going viral since yesterday where the TDP National Chief CBN is having a word with his good friend and ABN Chief Radha Krishna regarding one of the Public welfare schemes. To the already existing YSR Arogyasri, CBN changed to NTR Arogya Bheema and continued the same scheme. During a discussion between these two on how to take up this new scheme into the Public, CBN addresses the late TDP founder NTR as Vadu, which means He as in informal speech. This clip is now being trended here and there among the social networking and media sites by Sakshi channel making sure that all the NTR fans to turn them against Babu.

Political analysts predict that this kind of last-minute tricks might not work against TDP as the voters are well determined with their choices in voting. On the flip side, CBN is lashing out at Jagan and his camp in his Public meetings every day.


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