YSRCP MLA Almost Out Of Election Fight

YSRCP MLA Almost Out Of Election Fight
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As the polling day is less than a week from now, one of the YSRCP MLAs is not willing to compete for the elections due to reasons well known to himself. Exciting details of this piece of news as follows:

The Gurajala constituency’s YSRCP MLA aspirant Kasu Mahesh Reddy has unofficially gone back from the Assembly fight. His followers state that the secret rifts with their leader and the YSRCP head might be the main reason for this shocking act of Mahesh Reddy. It is heavily speculated that Mahesh Reddy who actively participated in the campaigning has almost bankrupted and declared that he cannot fund the campaigning anymore as he is out of funds. Without money, the local YSRCP leaders refused to bat for Reddy and at the same time, Jagan too cursed this Gurajala leader for his inability to spend money in his constituency. The secret surveys from Jagan’s strategist PK came to know that Mahesh Reddy is falling short of 15000 votes to that of his TDP rival in Gurajala. Summing all these reasons together, Mahesh Reddy is now backing off from the contest.

With the exit of Mahesh Reddy, the Gurajala seat is almost said to be lost by YSRCP as the damage has already done. The TDP MLA candidate Y Srinivasa Rao is gaining more popularity than Mahesh already. It is not easy for YSRCP to recover this unexpected blow in Gurajala with a new MLA candidate.


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