Janasena Weak In Those Two Coastal Districts

Janasena Weak In Those Two Coastal Districts
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The party Janasena is in buzz across the AP State but the lack of proper base poll management in two districts is now proving costly for the party.

The two twin capital districts are Krishna and Guntur where the ruling party TDP is relying mostly on its guarantee win seats. The fact that the founder NTR who hails from the Krishna district is a big advantage for the TDP along with its base community vote bank which overshadows other communities. To Janasena’s surprise, the lack of proper leaders from these two districts is quite a disappoint to President Pawan Kalyan who tried hard to influence the voters of these two districts. Also, less concentration on this region of AP and the improper base is creating rifts among the local Janasena leaders. For now, Janasena is very strong in the twin Godavari districts along with Uttarandhra and a small part of Anantapur districts. In the remaining areas, the party feels hard to get decent votes.

Whatever might be the case, the 23rd of May will answer the questions of political lovers and declare the original stamina of Janasena. For now, the party leaders and its head are giving their full potential keeping elections in less than two weeks.


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