“Salaar” Sets the Stage for a Record-Breaking Release


The highly anticipated pan-Indian film, Salaar, starring Prabhas and directed by Prashanth Neel, has locked in its release date as December 22nd. After careful consideration of multiple options, the Salaar team has made the right choice in selecting this date.

Salaar – Considering Various Release Dates

Initially, Movie was slated for release on September 28th, but due to unfinished work, the release was postponed. The makers then considered three potential release periods: Diwali weekend, Christmas, and Sankranthi.

Diwali Weekend: A Risky Option

The Diwali weekend release was considered, but the recent World Cup’s impact on movie performance raised concerns. Even films with positive reviews struggled during this period, leading to ordinary box office numbers. Additionally, the Diwali period is filled with holidays, making it an “arid” time for movie releases.

Sankranthi: A Clash with Too Many Films

Sankranthi, a popular festival in South India, was also considered, but the sheer number of films announced for that period made it an unsuitable choice. Movie would face significant competition from other movies, especially in South India and Telugu states.

December 22nd: The Ideal Choice

After careful analysis, the movie team decided on December 22nd as the ideal release date. This date offers several advantages:

  • Minimal Competition: In Telugu and South India, there is no direct competition for Salaar on December 22nd, allowing for a record release.
  • Limited Competition in North India: While Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki is releasing on the same date, its impact on Salaar is expected to be minimal. In North India, movies tend to have longer runs compared to South India.
  • Extended Holiday Period: From December 22nd to January 1st, there are 11 days with multiple holidays. This extended holiday period presents an opportunity for Salaar to post exceptional box office numbers.

The decision to release Salaar on December 22nd demonstrates the team’s strategic approach and their confidence in the film’s potential to succeed at the box office.


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