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Samantha Akkineni As Vegetable Vendor

Samantha Akkineni, a well-known name in Telugu film Industry. The heroine of Telugu cinema, wife of Naga Chaitanya, and daughter-in-law of Akkineni Family. Her stardom and her background are too big. But, she was selling vegetables in a market. Why was it? We know moreover actress, fans love her for her philanthropy. At the beginning of her career, she established an organization, i.e, Prathyusha Foundation. So, she was respected by fans. She did several activities for helping kids in the organization.Recently, she was changed to Vegetable vendor. Now, those photos are going viral on social media. The reason behind this is for helping the children. So, while she was selling the vegetables, many people came to buy them and the extra amounts. Of course, all excited about Samantha and she was selling vegetables so they don’t think about cost. As like that, Manch Lakshmi Prasanna’s teleshow Memu Saitham concept is like this. Several star artists come to this show and sell something in different localities for helping a family.


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