Sam says She Cannot Live Without Sex

Samantha cannot live without sex

Samantha cannot live without Sex

It is known that Samantha in a recent interview spoke about sex. The reporter says that samantha speaking to him says that Samantha cannot live without sex everyday. Now this news is going viral in all the social media sites. But now close sources of Samantha are trying to clarify about the issue.

The says That, The reporter questions Sam asking if she would live without love in her life. Answering to the question, making the conversation funny Samantha says, she couldn’t live without food and romance in her life. Exaggerating these words the reporter writes her conversation as Samantha cannot live without sex. These rumours about her has created a great loss to her image. Sam is to be Akkineni family member soon. At this point of time it is very irrespective on their behave to spread exaggerated news, says fans. it is very often for a celebrity to think twice before they speak.

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