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Samantha: Fell a 100 times but got up each time

Actress Samantha, who seems to be having a whale of a time in Switzerland, where she is on a holiday now, has put out another post on how she learned skiing.

On Instagram, the actress, who impressed fans and followers a few days ago by putting out a video of her skiing on the icy slopes of Verbier, Switzerland, on Thursday said: “I began my skiing journey with toddlers on a bunny slope. Very humbling!

“Fella 100 times. Got up each time. The thought of quitting crossed my mind multiple times but boy am I glad, I pushed through. In the time and effort, it took from graduating from bunny slopes to completing a Red run, I found something truly special. It’s been exhilarating & daunting in the best way imaginable.”

The actress, while giving a shout-out to her trainer, also made a point by hashtagging the phrases, ‘Just The Beginning’ and ‘Never Felt More Alive’.

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