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Samyuktha: ‘777 Charlie’ made me relive many moments I’ve had with my dogs

Actress Samyuktha Hegde, who recently watched actor Rakshit Shetty’s upcoming film, ‘777 Charlie’, has heaped praises on both the film and its cast and crew.

Taking to Instagram to wish the actor a belated birthday, the actress said, “Happy belated birthday to you. Watching ‘777 Charlie’ yesterday made me relive so many of the moments I’ve had with my dogs over the years. It was such an apt movie with the best kinda execution. You captured all the emotions so well.

“You are a freaking star, for doing a whole movie with Charlie. I’m sure it must have been tough considering everything I saw on screen but you have outdone yourself. So freaking real.

“The cast, the crew everyone outperformed themselves to deliver an emotional flick like one we haven’t seen before. It plays all the strings of your heart and shows how a dog can make your life so much better.

“This movie is a must-watch, especially for people who DON’T have dogs. PS: Kannada movies taking over the whole country!”

The film, which has been directed by Kiranraj K, features Rakshit Shetty and Sangeetha Sringeri in the lead. It is to hit screens on June 10 this year.

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