Sandeep Vanga story for Mahesh Babu

Sandeep Vanga story for Mahesh Babu

Sandeep Vanga story for Mahesh Babu

It’s very rare to get divide talk for a successful movie. Arjun Reddy is one such kind of a film in recent times. Some of them are positive towards the film and some of them were against the film. This issue turns out to be a debate for film lovers. Arjun reddy film director Sandeep vanga had also got lots of craze in Telugu film industry. This director is a tough guy and he does his deeds according to his likes and dislikes like the character of Arjun in the film. The best examples for this is that the director himself told that while the shoot is going on for arujn Reddy he had many arguments with some of them in the film unit. This shows that Sandeep is a straight forward personality. Now Sandeep Vanga story for Mahesh Babu is the latest news.

Don’t know whether superstar Mahesh Babu liked the film Arjun Reddy or he like the straight forward and gutsy nature of the director, he gave a chance to Sandeep to meet him personally. Sandeep Reddy is in thought to narate eh story when he meets Mahesh Babu. But when we go to flashback there are many directors who have got super hit films and didn’t get a chance to make another one after many discussion with big stars in industry. One amongst them is Swamy Ra Ra film director. So let’s wait and see whether Sandeep Reddy can impress Mahesh Babu with his story line.

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