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HomelatestSashikala Gets 5 Days Parole

Sashikala Gets 5 Days Parole

Sashikala Gets 5 Days Parole

Sashikala, who was prisoned in the Bangalore jail for illegal assets case finally got parole. The jail staff has been granted a five-day parole for Shashikala, who requested for 15-day parole to look after his unhealthy husband. The Department of Prisons ordered that this time should be taken care only for personal activities but not for any political activity. Not to make statements to the media and warns her to be in the house.

This is the first time Sashikala to come out of jail after being jailed in February. During the time of her imprisonment, the AIADMK politics have gone unpredictably. Sashikala before being prisoned she made all the responsibilities to Palanisamy but his rival Panneer Selvam along with Palanismay shocked her. Besides, he had dismissed Shashikala from the general secretary of AIADMK.

Everyone thought that Sashikalas role had come to an end in AIADMK. She got a chance to come out of Jail with a reason of her husband’s illness parole. Let’s see hoe Tamilnadu politics may turn after her parole. Jail department gave warning not to participate in any political activities.

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