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Sasikala behind the hero’s political entry! 

Sasikala behind Vishal political entry! 

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Everyone was shocked with hero Vishal announcing his political entry. The hero who is often seen involved in controversies and issues within the film industry took everyone by surprise after he filed his nomination papers to contest for the RK Nagar assembly seat. Many people have expressed doubt behind Vishal’s political entry. His political entry came in amidst of his film career that is going well. He has 3-4 films in his hand currently. AIDMK party leader Madhusudan alleged that TTV Dinakaran is behind Vishal’s political entry.

Political leaders from various political parties already started their attack on the film hero. ‘Vishal has been in severe financial crisis from past few years. In order to the settle financially, he agreed to come into politics with backing from Sasikala and Dinakaran,’ said AIDM party members.

Many people in the political sphere expressed a similar opinion that Sasikala is behind Vishal’s hero entry. On the contrary, Vishal reinstated that he is not backed by anyone, and he is into politics only to serve the people of Tamil Nadu. Ignoring whether Vishal would win or lose in the upcoming elections for the RK Nagar constituency, people are more interested in who is backing Vishal.

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