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SCR cancels 10 trains due to low occupancy

The South Central Railway (SCR) has announced that it has cancelled as many as 10 trains scheduled to run between April 28 and June 1.

The move comes following low occupancy in the trains in the wake of the spiralling Covid numbers, and the restrictions imposed by many states to check the spread of the virus.

As per an SCR media release issued on Monday, the cancellations will affect some services to Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

The cancelled services are:

Narsapur to Nidadavolu (07241)
Nidadavolu to Narsapur (07242)
Secunderabad to Bidar (07010)
Bidar to Hyderabad (07009)
Secunderabad to Kurnool City (07027)
Kurnool City to Secunderabad (07028)
Mysore to Renigunta (01065)
Renigunta to Mysore (01066)
Secunderabad to Mumbai LTT (02235)
Mumbai LTT to Secunderabad (02236)

The SCR has also rescheduled the departure timing of Train No. 07229 from Thiruvananathapuram to Secunderabad. Instead of 7 a.m., the train will depart from Thiruvanathapuram at 9.30 a.m., from April 28 to May 12.

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