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Security, talent crunch worry Indian firms on Hybrid Cloud journey

As organizations face skills gaps, security challenges, and compliance obstacles, only 30 percent of the Indian firms are able to manage their Hybrid Cloud environments holistically which can create blind spots and put data at risk, a new report has said.

While businesses have embraced a variety of security techniques to secure workloads in the cloud, concerns about security still remain, according to IT major IBM.

As 85 percent of respondents in the survey have adopted a Hybrid Cloud approach which can help drive digital transformation, the majority of organizations are “struggling with the complexity to make all their cloud environments work together”.

Another issue at hand is an acute talent shortage, which can create gaps in security and compliance and cause risk across Cloud environments.

“A pragmatic holistic approach to hybrid cloud can drive immense business value by accelerating innovation, improving cost efficiency, and increasing productivity,” said Viswanath Ramaswamy, Vice President, Technology, IBM Technology Sales, IBM India/ South Asia.

While the research found the lack of cloud skills as a major challenge, it is “encouraging to note that 81 percent of the Indian respondents said they are creating new positions and teams to fulfill the need for more cloud skills,” he added.

Businesses also believe ensuring compliance in the cloud is currently too difficult, especially as we see enforcement of regulatory and compliance requirements heat up across the globe.

“As we see regulatory requirements grow across the globe, compliance is top of mind for business leaders. This concern is even greater for those in highly regulated industries,” said Howard Boville, Head of IBM Cloud Platform.

When it comes to managing their cloud applications, 66 percent of respondents say their team lacks the skills needed to be proficient.

As potential security gaps can cause third and fourth-party risks to loom, respondents say cybersecurity (50 percent) and data governance (49 percent) are the top challenges to fully integrating their business ecosystem into the cloud, the survey found.

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