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Sekhar Kammula Lashes Out On Sri Reddy:

Sekhar Kammula To Take Legal Action For Sri Reddy

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The overnight Youtube sensation Sri Reddy who is fighting in the name of casting couch made unbelievable complaints on a class director. Her comments on that particular director fetched her unwanted trouble and legal cases for her immaturity and desire for popularity.

It’s a known thing that the anchor turned small actress Sri Reddy has been appearing in media channels every day for many reasons. The main reason being her brave fighting on Casting Couch in the T-town, she is making many allegations on Telugu makers. Initially, she got some support on the moral grounds for her vain and tragic experiences. Sri started losing her authenticity when she started alleging so-called directors like Sekhar Kammula who is well known for discipline. Reddy claimed that directors like Sekhar Kammula is fond of girls and will do anything to have video calls with bad intentions.

Within no time, hardcore fans of Sekhar and netizens lashed out on Sri Reddy for her fake claims. The issue became so big such that none other than Sekhar Kammula himself responded to her. Sekhar stated that he will keep his character first than anything in his life. Deeply hurt by her allegations, Sekhar expressed his pain by stating that his family, well-wishers, and supporters are hurt with her baseless posts on him. Not stopping there, Sekhar warned Sri Reddy to issue an unconditional apology immediately or else he would take Criminal action on her. This classy maker concluded her claims as Unethical, Immoral and Hurtful. Let us wait and see how this attention seeking girl reacts to Sekhar’s response.

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