Seoul introduces a new promotional logo


Seoul launches a new promotional logo

Seoul has introduced its new promotional logo, “Seoul, My Soul,” as part of its campaign to showcase the city’s attractions to a global audience. This new slogan, featuring vibrant pictograms, will replace the previous logo, “I SEOUL YOU,” which had been in use for the past eight years.

Seoul has introduced its new promotional logo

The newly unveiled logo incorporates colorful pictograms, including a pink heart symbol and a blue smile icon, designed to enhance its visibility to people worldwide.

The pink heart symbolizing the ‘O’ in “Seoul” represents the city’s affection for both its residents and individuals worldwide. Meanwhile, the yellow exclamation mark, standing for the ‘Y’ in “My,” signifies the novel experiences and inspiration that the city offers. Lastly, the blue smile emblem conveys the joy and contentment derived from the urban environment.

Additionally, the logo features a Korean subtitle, translating to “Hearts Combined From Seoul.” This, city officials explain, signifies that the citizens form the heart of Seoul, and the convergence of diverse people contributes to the city’s betterment.

The new slogan exists in both English and Korean versions, utilizing the same font and style to evoke a sense of unity. Mayor Oh Se-hoon expressed that with this fresh brand identity, the city aims to enhance the well-being of its residents and capture the attention of a global audience.

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