Shambho Shankara Review & Rating



shakalaka shankar, a man who started his career as an office boy,became a unique person and marked his identity as an good comedian in industry,he now started screening as the hero in the film named shambo shankara,which is going to be releasing today.he on a sudden started criticising many of the heroes, producers, directors like trivikram,ravi teja, dil raju, allu sirish for ignoring his stories and for delaying the project for 2 years which hurted him the most.but by hearing the criticising people kept much expectations by enhancing that how hard is he fighting ,might the movie gonna be super successful.when that the point the pre release business of this movie crossed 6 crores while the movie budget is 2 crores. so the expectations marked to peak. So let’s watch the procrat of the movie to shakalaka shankar.

Shambho Shankara Story

The storyline of the film is based in a village called Ankalamma Palle. The village president keeps torturing everyone leaving them very unhappy. Shankar is the only man who can stand against to the president. But, he too finds it very hard to face the president most of the time.but on a stage shankars sister will be dead because of presidents son.
there the situation comes to dare with president. Rest of the story is as to how Shankar finally manages to find some courage and supplant the president.

Shambho Shankara Rating by Telugu Bullet:

Rating – 1.5 /5


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