CM Ramesh Fasting Ridiculed By AP TDP MP’s

TDP MP Ramesh Ridiculed Deeksha

In what may be called as the most ridiculous thing, the TDP MPs showcased their own ignorance on the issue of Ramesh indefinite fasting. A leaked video byte explains this ruling party leader’s attitude.It is a known thing that the TDP Rajya Sabha MP CM Ramesh has been fasting for the last ten days to achieve Steel Plant for Kadapa. Interestingly, his health neighbor got deteriorated not he got weak except for losing a couple of kilos. Until now, he got the support of some section of people who believed that his fasting is genuine enough. While he was fasting, other MPs of AP TDP ridiculed and joked upon Ramesh’s fasting which became a sensational and viral news of the day. Someone leaked a video byte of these MPs lobby chit chat and released it over the internet.

In the released video, one can see the TDP MP’s like Murali Mohan, Galla Jayadev, Maganti Babu, Ram Mohan Naidu, Renuka, JC Diwakar Reddy etc. Despite supporting Ramesh, some of these Leaders made fun and shamed themselves. Murali Mohan opined that he should be included in fasts like these to shed his weight by calling it as weight loss programme. Most controversial leader JC declared that it is a waste fast as it yields neither Steel nor trash from the center. If this is the case of these so-called rulers and the members of Rajya Sabha, then forget about Special Status, we can get nothing from the Centre. Now every AP citizen can clearly differentiate the Telangana leader’s commitment in the Telangana Movement and AP leaders genuine effort in Special Status.


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