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Prabhas Sahoo Movie: Shraddha Kapoor Shocking Remuneration

Shraddha Kapoor Shocking Remuneration for Prabhas Sahoo Movie

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Shraddha Kapoor Shocking Remuneration for Prabhas Sahoo Movie: Prabhas range has increased with Bahubali. So the ‘Sahoo’ movie director Sujith and producers Vamsi, Pramod chose Shraddha Kapoor to increase the range of the movie. At present, Shraddha is the most wanted heroine in Bollywood. Shraddha can get 5 to 7 crores of remuneration even though she has huge star image in Bollywood. As the sources say that this beauty is taking 8 crores to act with Prabhas it seems.

After releasing Bahubali, ‘Sahoo’ movie producers approached Shraddha it seems. Firstly, she rejected but later because of Bahubali hero she accepted. But she asked a huge remuneration which shocked producers and tried to search another heroine. But the director didn’t get satisfied with any another heroine with Prabhas. So again approach Shraddha and adjusted the remuneration to 8 crores. At present not even the Star heroes in Tollywood like Balayya, Nagarjuna, and Venkatesh are taking this much remuneration. But this movie maker thought with her Bollywood business can make up and accepted. Within a week Sraddha starts regular shooting with Prabhas. ‘Sahoo’ movie is 150 crores of budget and screening in Hollywood range with amazing action sequences as the film unit members are telling. As it is understood that the heroine role is prominent in this movie.

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