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Shraddha Kapoor Comments On Prabhas Sahoo Movie

Shraddha Kapoor Latest Comments on Prabhas Sahoo Movie

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Shraddha Kapoor Latest Comments on Prabhas Sahoo Movie: Shraddha Kapoor first time commented after selecting as heroine in Prabhas ‘Sahoo’ movie. Shraddha Kapoor said that she was happy to do debut in Tollywood that too with Prabhas which she was beyond happy it seems. Sraddha will start the regular shooting with Prabhas in a week or so. May be due to remuneration or some other reason, Shraddha took a long time to accept this movie, even to react in social media too.

Bollywood most successful heroine Shraddha Kapoor is most active in social media. She always shares to her fans about her working movies and about new projects. But she didn’t respond in social media for ‘Sahoo’ movie after signing the project. Before she could react Prabhas fans gave a grand welcome with different types of posts. Sraddha became so happy with these posts and thanked everyone.

The film unit members thought that Shraddha Kapoor can do good business in Bollywood for ‘Sahoo’ movie. Prabhas got the national wide image after Bahubali. So with Tollywood even Bollywood beauties participated to work with Prabhas in ‘Sahoo’ movie. But finally, Shraddha Kapoor got the chance to work with Prabhas. Shraddha said that previously she got offers from Tollywood. But due to some reasons she couldn’t able to do it seems. Sudheer Babu welcomed Shraddha Kapoor to Tollywood who acted as villain in Bollywood movie ‘Baagi’ starring Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor.

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