Sidharth Malhotra, Chris Pratt discuss food, fitness, playing military men


Bollywood actor Sidharth Malhotra and Hollywood star Chris Pratt recently engaged in a conversation over their love for Indian food, and fitness, and essaying the role of an armed force officer on the occasion of the release of Pratt’s upcoming OTT series ‘The Terminal List’.

While Sidharth was seen as the Kargil war hero Captain Vikram Batra (PVC) in the Bollywood film ‘Shershaah’, Chris Pratt essays the role of US Navy SEAL James Reece in ‘The Terminal List’.

The conversation started off with Sidharth expressing his surprise at seeing Chris in a serious role. “It’s kind of surprising to see you in this kind of a role. While watching the trailer, I kept thinking that you will crack a joke!” Sidharth said.

Chris agreed to Sidharth’s statement and said, “It’s true that you would expect some kind of a joke or goofing around from me when you see me in a film. ‘The Terminal List’ is definitely not that, and you will realize that early on, right from the pilot episode of the series.”

Talking about authentic portrayal, Sidharth got talking about playing a Kargil war hero in some of the harshest mountainous terrains of India when Chris praised Sidharth’s physique as an action star.

Sharing insights from his prep for the show, Chris said, “The original author, Jack Carr, is an ex-Navy SEAL, and has fabricated this interesting story about a soldier who has been in similar combat. So, we cast all former navy SEALS to play my men in the combat inside that series of tunnels in Syria, shown in the first episode.”

He added: “We didn’t have to teach them anything, except some of the tricks and trades of the acting, like how to hit a mark, where the camera is placed. But their physicality and body movement are entirely authentic.”

In the video, Pratt also tried to decode Indian foods such as Chicken 65 and Bheja Fry. Chris’ funny guesswork on Chicken 65 left Siddharth in splits, asking for an illustration of Chris’ version of the food. Pratt promised to visit India and try some ‘brain fry’ someday.

‘The Terminal List’ which also stars Constance Wu and Taylor Kitsch, is available for streaming on Prime Video in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.



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