Signatures of Naidu Detected in 13 Locations on Skill Development Scam Documents


Signatures of Naidu Detected in 13 Locations on Skill Development Scam Documents:

N. Sanjay, the Additional Director General at AP CID, has revealed that the signatures of Telugu Desam chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu have been identified at 13 different locations on documents related to the AP Skill Development Scam.

Furthermore, Naidu’s signature was found on council meeting papers approving the Skill Development Corporation’s budget without obtaining cabinet approval, leading to funds being diverted from the corporation. Questions have arisen regarding the appointment of Ganta Subba Rao, a private individual, to this position, according to the additional DG.

Speaking to the media, Sanjay, who heads the CID, stated that Naidu was remanded by the ACB court after examining all the evidence in the Inner Ring Road case, and a PT warrant was issued against him.

Sanjay remarked, “We have presented all the evidence to demonstrate that authorities were compelled to act outside the norm due to pressure from higher authorities. Note files pertaining to the government orders were also destroyed. The former finance secretary, P.V. Ramesh, had previously stated that funds were released solely based on Naidu’s word and the then Chief Secretary.”

The CID chief stated that K. Atchannaidu, the TD state president, had his signature identified at five locations in the skill development scam. Notices were sent to Naidu’s PS, Srinivas, but received no response.

Sanjay explained that the AP Skill Development Corporation was established without the cabinet’s permission, and its responsibilities were entrusted to Ganta Subba Rao, violating established protocols.

“Subba Rao’s appointment was made to establish direct contact with Chandrababu. Naidu’s handwritten statements and signatures appeared at 13 locations in the Skill Development Corporation documents. Naidu’s signature was also present on budget approvals and council meetings, and there was no MOU with Siemens to establish skill centers in AP. Everything was done with the intent to divert funds.”

Sanjay stated that after Naidu’s remand in the skill development scam, some are spreading false information that the arrest and remand were illegal. He clarified that funds were diverted through the hawala route, with money channeled through Siemens and Design Tech firms, all at Naidu’s instigation.

He also noted that Ganta Subba Rao was assigned three key positions. The CID ADG stated that there was evidence to prove that Chandrababu signed the order to release funds. In addition to his signature on the appointment of a chartered accountant, Naidu signed the appointment of the deputy CEO Aparna, and he also signed the minutes of the cabinet meeting.

signatures of naidu detected in 13 locations on skill development scam documents
Signatures of Naidu Detected in 13 Locations on Skill Development Scam Documents

Sanjay pointed out that although the GO related to the agreement mentioned a “90:10 percent” ratio, there was no such reference in the actual agreement, indicating malicious intent.

The CID chief stated that the agreement was formulated by bypassing the GO, a fact revealed by Siemens themselves in a statement to the magistrate. He also mentioned that only ₹58 crore was received by Siemens out of the ₹371 crore released, with ₹241 crore being sent directly to shell companies.

He emphasized that the ₹371 crore was diverted without establishing the six skill development clusters as intended.

“The authorities documented in the file that they could not release the funds,” Sanjay added.

Sanjay further disclosed that Design Tech MD Vikas Kanvilkar had been previously arrested by the ED, which also attached assets worth ₹32 crore. Siemens sent an email to the CID stating that they did not invest money, and MD Suman Bose colluded with the shell companies, as revealed in the Siemens investigation.

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