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SIT To Arrest Two Bigwigs From Tollywood?

SIT Sends Notices To Drug Case For Tollywood Actors

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The Hungama of Drugs episode on Tollywood which happened in the last year is still a nightmare for the Industry. Latest information from the sources close to SIT confirms a couple of cases on some Industry big shots.In the month of July 2017, the Special Investigation Team has issued investigation warrants to many celebrities in Telugu Film Industry. They collected samples from three doubted celebrities and sent them to the testing center. Many thought that the issue was closed as there is no new development in this case. It seems that the lab results came and two out of three samples turned positive declaring possible usage of drugs.

So SIT is going to file a case on these two samples’ owners very soon. Deep inquiry suggests that these two celebrities are a young hero and a director. Now the movie lovers are trying to decode this young hero and big director from the celebrities who attended SIT’s inquiry. Anyhow SIT is tightlipped on this issue and they are trying to file a charge sheet to arrest these two from Tollywood. Their names will be out once the arrests are made. So the drugs issue is not yet concluded and the lead in the team says that they will further investigate more celebrities in the future. Media gave a huge coverage to this issue earlier by cooking special stories and programmes depicting the scene inside the interrogation room.

TFI is now united to fight with anyone against it. Earlier they fought with media in which an interviewer uttered unparliamentary words on Telugu actresses. This speculation of arrests is a huge blown to the entire Industry which already vexed with cases like drugs inquiry, dealing with politicians regarding Special Category Status and now with media.

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