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Sketch Movie Review

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Hero Vikram had a pretty good market even in the Telugu states in the past. He further expanded his market with the film ‘Aparichithudu’. He lost his market with the mega-budget film ‘Manoharudu – I’. The versatile actor is hoping that his flick ‘Sketch’ which fared decently in Kollywood, might bring back his lost market in the Telugu states. Let’s take a look whether he is successful or not!


A gang of four works in a garage. Jeeva (Vikram) leads the group. Jeeva is nicknamed ‘sketch’ for his novel ideas. These four work under a Vehicle Finance dealer as recovery agents. The moment he sees the heroine, he falls in love with her. Jeeva ensures that even falls for him. At this juncture, the villain plans to take his vengeance over the group over an issue with a Vintage Car. Similarly, the gang falls into the eyes of a police officer who jumps into the scene to hunt the villain.

Slowly, each one of his friends from the gang starts disappearing. Who is behind this? What happened to Jeeva’s friends? What is the end?


All and out, this is purely a mass masala entertainer. The only fresh breather is the ‘message’ the film tries to convey. The twists before the interval and the climax, and Vikram’s performance are the saviours for the movie. The love track and the characterization of the heroine offer absolutely nothing new. It is shocking to see that the director limited Tamannah to the songs.

Surprisingly, the songs actually disturb the mood of the film, thanks to the screenplay. The action episodes, Vikram’s character, and twists help the movie to look better to inferior. Thaman continues his good form both with the BGM and the songs. Apart from the aforementioned, there is hardly anything one can see on the silver screen.

Plus Points:

  • Vikram Action
  • Cinematography


  • Story & Screenplay

Punchline: Same old ‘Sketch’

Telugu Bullet Rating: 2.5/5

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