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Ra Ra Movie Review

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Hero Srikanth who started his film career playing villain roles and character roles soon turned into a star with the film ‘Taj Mahal’. With films like Thaali, Pelli Sandadi, President Gari Pellam, and Khadgam, he became a household name. He is mainly known for his family drama movie. This time he comes up with the horror-comedy film ‘Ra Ra’.


Raj Kiran is an upcoming director. His last two films have bombed at the box office. His father, who is a great director dies, and his mother falls sick. The doctor asks Raj Kiran to come up with a successful film, as his success would help revive his mother. In this context, he chooses an old bungalow to pendown a horror film script. Surprisingly, he falls in love with a ghost, which has been residing in the bungalow. Did he manage to escape from the ghost? What kind of circumstances he had to face in the due course? To find answers to these questions, watch the movie on the big screen.


One can appreciate Srikanth for coming up with a horror-comedy film. This is the first the senior actor has chosen such kind of film. It wouldn’t take long to realize that his choice has turned out to be pretty bad. The film starts with the introduction of Srikanth and his team. Though it seems decent, it soon turns out to be a bag of cheap slapstick comedy. The overdose of one-liners is surely going to give a headache to the audience. One shouldn’t expect any interval bang with this movie.

Though the concept of having a love affair with the ghost seems interesting to a point, the director (whoever it is) failed to establish it properly. The core story only begins in the second half. Few scenes are highly unconvincing and remind us of stage dramas at our young age. The only breather is the comedy track between Srikanth and Shakalaka Shankar.

The cinematography is the best as far as the technical team is concerned. The director failed to showcase what is written on the paper on the silver screen. The pale and overdose comedy in the first half is the biggest drawback in the film.

Plus Points:

  • Srikanth Performance
  • Shakalaka Shankar
  • Cinematography


  • Script and Screenplay
  • First-half comedy

Punch Line: Say No to ‘Ra Ra’ from Srikanth 

Telugu Bullet Rating: 2/5

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