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HomelatestCBN all set to withdraw from the Alliance

CBN all set to withdraw from the Alliance

CBN all set to withdraw from the Alliance

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The TDP National head Chandrababu Naidu is not in a mood to sell the self-respect of Telugu people to the Centre. He is standing at the edge of cutting cords with BJP for the sake of Andhra Pradesh.

Even though he supported Modi and praised his most controversial schemes like demonetization, CBN is not sparing Modi anymore. In his recent party meetings and press meets, he dared to say that the Modi’s Government took AP for granted. Not stopping there, CBN declared that BJP cheated AP literally such that their respect got hurt hugely. These comments of his and his party leaders lead to the conclusion that TDP is going to withdraw from the Alliance at any cost. CBN tried his best to convince Modi to save AP and grant all the packages for four long years. As the people of AP became more important than the Alliance, he is preparing Everything to fight with the center. On the other hand, Modi’s grants to other states which are ruled by BJP made CBN more frustrated than ever. Also the fact that BJP is trying to grow in AP by defeating TDP also worrying Babu. To checkmate all these problems, CBN chose AP people against Modi and Centre.

For now, nothing has been officially declared by TDP spokesperson but even the amateur follower of AP Politics know that TDP will go out of the Alliance. Seems CBN is waiting for the upcoming Parliament sessions on 6th April to have a final go on the alliance. Good or bad, TDP wants to fight alone for the upcoming general elections.

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