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Priya Warrier well utilizing her craze

Priya Warrier well utilizing her craze

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The latest internet sensation Priya Warrier has become an overnight celebrity across India with just one video. This most searched actress on Google is now charging a bomb for her future projects and contracts.

Generally, top league heroines who strive for almost a decade will achieve stardom in India for signing top endorsements. They also promote anything via their social networking sites like FB, Insta, Twitter etc for some good couple of lakhs but not more. If this is the case with so-called celebrities, Priya Warrier is stunning them by quoting shocking remuneration. She has reportedly asked 8 lakhs to post or promote anything on her official Instagram. This left some makers in shell shock who expected to hire her for fewer rates. 8 lakhs is double the remuneration demanded by stalwarts like Deepika, Priyanka Chopra etc. With just one wink, this young girl robbed hearts of millions. She gained 4.5 million followers on her Insta which is more than the owner of Insta, Mark Zuckerberg. Having such craze, her demand is higher than reasonable prices but still, some brands are in talks with this happening actress. Her flick is yet to get released in Malayalam and producers of this flick are planning to release this flick in Hindi and other regional languages to convert her craze into money.

Priya Warrier is fully occupied with flicks for one complete year. She has to complete her present contract with Mallu Makers to sign other projects in Telugu, Tamil or Hindi.

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