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HomelatestSlipper Attack On Pawan Kalyan

Slipper Attack On Pawan Kalyan

Slipper Attack On Pawan Kalyan in Khammam, Telangana

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Janasena party chief Pawan Kalyan is currently busy with this 3-day political tour ‘Chalo re Chalo re Chal’. In his recent party meetings and speeches, Pawan has been claiming that he isn’t afraid of attacks on him. Khammam became the location for today’s Chalo re Chalo re Chal political tour. During the road show, an unfortunate incident took place. A slipper attack on Pawan Kalyan took place in the roadshow.

Pawan was once again uttering the statement, that he isn’t afraid and he will not back-off for attacks on him. Exactly at that, a slipper attack on Pawan Kalyan shocked everyone. A slipper flew from nowhere and landed on the car’s bonnet. In fact, the slipper was to hit the Janasena Supremo. But by God’s grace, he was saved from such humiliation.

The slipper attack on Pawan Kalyan deters him from criticizing the Telangana government. ‘The state of Sanghika Sankshema Hostels in Kotthagudem are pathetic. It is really unfortunate to see students living in such environment’, said Pawan Kalyan.

This isn’t the first time, a slipper attack on Pawan Kalyan or anyone took place. Even in the past, when Chiranjeevi was campaigning for Prajarajyam Party, the mob threw slippers, eggs, and tomatoes on the Megastar.

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