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Revanth Reddy attack on KCR – 9 TRS MLAs likely to face suspension

Revanth Reddy attack on KCR 9 TRS MLAs to face suspension

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The nation was shocked after Election Commission recommended the disqualification of 20 AAP MLAs from Delhi Assembly. More shockingly, President of India, Ram Nath Kovind gave his nod for the disqualification. Meanwhile, in the Telugu states, firebrand leader Revanth Reddy, who is currently in Congress, taken up the fight against TRS MLAs on the same lines. Revanth Reddy attack on KCR and TRS definitely came as surprise to everyone.

Firebrand leader, Revanth Reddy who is famous for his attacking and aggressive politics, and offensive stance, once again made headlines. In fact, Revanth Reddy lodged a complaint against 9 TRS MLAs with the EC of India. In his complaint, Revanth Reddy believes that 9 TRS MLAs have been holding ‘office of profit’ as Parliamentary Secretaries which is against the constitution.

This isn’t the first time, Revanth Reddy attack on KCR became the hot topic in political circles. Out of the 9 TRS MLAs, Jalagam Vengal Rao, V Srinivas Goud, Vijay Bhaskar and Kova Lakshmi are holding the position of secretaries in the government. Eventually, the High court which found fault, already struck down the order. Additionally, Revanth Reddy is asking the EC to disqualify these 9 TRS MLAs, in similar to the 20 AAP MLAs.

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