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Anushka back to curves – Bhaagamathie promotional Song

Anushka Bhaagamathie promotional Song

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Anushka is currently the most popular heroine in Tollywood. Given her beauty and screen presence, the yoga teacher has the ability to deliver one of the best performances on the silver screen. Be it the role of a historical woman, or a socio-fantasy horror thriller, Anushka is the best choice for directors and producer.

But lately, Anushka lost her shape. Correspondingly she had to even lose some roles in films like Sahoo, starring Prabhas. But her never-ending dedication truly got her back to track. Though she was seen a bit heavy, even after her organic weight-loss sessions, Anushka sizzled the screen with her fit outlook. Bhaagamathie promotional song has been canned on her and a group of dancers. In fact, Anushka sports ravishing and dashing looks in the Bhaagamathie promotional song.

With Anushka back to curves, and sporting the old glam doll looks, offers are bound to come by with time. The actress is yet to sign a new film. Bhaagamathie promotional song is currently trending on all social networking sites. Anushka’s Bhaagamathie will be releasing on January 26th, 2018. Closely watch at 1:51 for Prabhas. 


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