Gali Janardhan Reddy’s Brother Somasekhar Reddy To Contest In Karnataka Polls?

Somasekhar Reddy To Contest In Karnataka Polls

Somasekhar Reddy To Contest In Karnataka Polls

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The BJP is feeling the heat from all part of the country. Excluding its victory in 2 out of 3 eastern states, BJP is having a nightmare, especially from Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka. With TDP already pulling out of NDA alliance and attacking the BJP, Karnataka politics are further worsening the national party’s ongoing crisis.

Recent pre-poll surveys showed that Congress (with 124) will surely establish the government once again, with BJP being limited to 70 out of 224 seats in the upcoming polls. What’s surprising is that Gali Janardhan Reddy who owns the Obulapuram Mining Company has been doing what all he can, to make sure that BJP wins this election.

At this time, BJP National President Amit Shah’s statements came as a shocker to Janardhan Reddy and his followers. Amit Shah said that BJP has no links with Janardhan Reddy whatsoever.

Soon, this has changed the complete atmosphere in Gali’s camp. The unexpected retaliation from BJP meant that Gali is trying to fight the elections as an independent. For that, he is likely to rope in his brother Gali Somasekhar Reddy as an independent. The latest development has turned out to be a headache for already struggling BJP.

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