Godavari Pushkar Stampede: Somayajula Committee Report Submitted

Godavari Pushkaralu Stampede

In a mishap which has taken the lives of 29 devotees in Rajahmundry Maha Pushkaram, the government constituted Somayajula Committee to probe the tragedy and the report has been tabled in the assembly today.

As per the Somayajula Committee report, the following are the prime reasons for the accidental stampede:

* It’s is widely spread by the tv channels and media that the Maha Pushkaram arrives once for every 144 years which has raised the curiosity of every devotee.

* Misinterpretation of showcasing the Pushkar Ghat as the first and only Ghat where the Maha Pushkaram starts in an auspicious time. Print and electronic media have misled both the people and the government regarding the holy dip.

* The width of the Pushkar Ghat is just about 300 mts which is one of the prime reasons for the stampede.

* The chief minister of A.P is no way responsible for the stampede and it has happened after CM has made his exit.

* The allegations on Chief Minister are only for the political mileage.

* The diseased and injured devotees have got the ex-gratia announced by the government.

details of the Justice Somayajula Commission

These are the main details of the Justice Somayajula Commission report on Pushkar Stampede of 2015 which has led to the loss of 29 lives of devotees.


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