Sonia To Be Instrumental in KCR’s National Aspirations?

Sonia Ever Forgive To KCR
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The Telangana Chief Minister KCR has planned a highway to the Centre with the idea of Federal Front. However, his dreams are not getting shattered by some of the North Indian Political Party heads for some reasons. One Party Supreme is speculated to be intentionally downplaying KCR.When the TRS Chief issued the movement of Separate Telangana, he promised to merge his own party and leaders in Indian National Congress if the UPA Government grants the separate State. Trusting KCR and for her own Political gain, AICC’s Supreme Sonia Gandhi granted the State but KCR completely ignored Congress and in turn became a rival to the party in the T-State.

Sonia To Be Instrumental in KCR’s National Aspirations?

Sonia showcased her agony by ignoring KCR while they came across in the Modi’s swearing in ceremony as Indian Prime Minister. Now the TMC’s head Mamata Banerjee too started ignoring KCR and accused him of supporting Modi and BJP. if we connect the dots, it came to know that Sonia Gandhi is behind Mamatha’s ignorance towards KCR. it is Sonia Gandhi who asked Mamatha not to invite KCR for any Federal Front meetings happened since the last year. Also this daugher in law of Gandhi family brainwashed Federal Front leaders that BJP is using KCR as a weapon to divide Congress votes which results in BJP’s advantage.All these reasons made KCR as a lowkey enemy to Federal Front and Sonia Gandhi. So the Political analysts say that KCR will be promoted to National level only if the Mrs Gandhi forgives KCR for backstabbing Congress in 2014.


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