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It is official – Film Theatres in South India locked from Tomorrow

South India Film Theatres Shutdown From Tomorrow

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Chairman of ‘Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce Digital Committee’, Damodar Prasad made an official statement that all movie theatres in South India will remain locked out from March 2nd. The decision has been taken after the Committee has made multiple negotiations with Digital Service Providers.

Speaking at the press meet, Damodar Prasad said, ‘we pleaded the Digital Service Providers Organization to call-off the VPF (Virtual Print Fees) charges. But they have gone against it. So far, we have held negotiations thrice in the past few weeks. But we have been facing resistance every time from them. Moreover, one of their preventative said, ‘All the very best to the Industry’ in a sarcastic tone. This clearly shows their nature towards our requests.

This behaviour from the Digital Service Providers, who solely rely on the Film Industry, is highly uncalled for. That’s the reason, all the film theatres in South India are standing united, and have called for a lockout.

The Virtual Print Fees should be cancelled after 5 years, from 5 years of the installation of Digital Services in the theatres.This is a worldwide practice. But in India, the Digital Service Providers are ignoring this. Moreover, they have increased their fees drastically in the last couple of months. Producers, Distributors and Exhibitors are all standing united and fishing against this injustice’.

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