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HomelatestSouth India targeted with “Operation Dravida”- Shivaji

South India targeted with “Operation Dravida”- Shivaji

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 Shivaji Says About “Operation Dravida”

In a sensational turn out of events that happened today in the state of Andhra Pradesh, people are shocked at the revelations made by hero Shivaji. He was, of course, talking about this particular topic for so many days. Today, he disclosed so many crucial details about “Operation Dravida” which he claimed to have supposedly planned by the central government of India, BJP to get hold of power in South India. Incidentally, he also explained that “Operation Garuda” is part of ‘Operation Dravida’ and it is started for Andhra Pradesh. He let out few more details about ‘Operation Ravana’ a mission that was planned for states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. While ‘Operation Kumar’ is initiated for Karnataka.

He was also outspoken about the allocation of funds for this major Operation, “Operation Dravida”. He said, according to his sources, a budget of Rs. 4,800 crores were allocated for this operation and are unsure if they have been dispatched to AP already or not.

According to his information, a noted local Political Party alongside a New Party are going to join together to expand the prospects of BJP in AP. He made hard accusations on the NDA government that they are creating a rift between regional parties to their ulterior benefits.

Though, we all know that the actor is talking a lot about “Operation Dravida” from September 2017 itself. When questioned by the media to reveal the names of people involved, he claimed his life will be in threat and would ask the people to be more cautious and watchful.

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