Special Status Is Impossible For AP: Declares The Centre

Special Status Is Impossible For Andhra pradesh

The dictating leadership of NDA at the Centre proved its true colours officially with its recent acts. The counter claim it stated for the Supreme Court of India explains how BJP directly stabbed AP in the witness of the whole nation.Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy filed a case on the Centre seeking the justice to AP regarding the Special Category Status and all the promises made during the AP Bifurcation Act in 2014. In his affidavit, Reddy stated that the ex Prime Minister Manmohan Singh declared Special Category Status to the AP in the noble house of Parliament but failed to implement by the latter government NDA.

The case came to hearing and the Apex court directed the Centre to file a counter. Shockingly, the Centre with its amazing intellects backed itself by claiming that the Special Category Status is impossible to give and it has nothing to do with the prior Governments. Not stopping there, BJP backed Centre declared that it has helped AP more than it deserved by stating that they already gave 3500+ crores of money to compensate the State’s revenue deficit of 4000 crores. Also, it claimed to be given 2000+ crores for the construction of the new capital Amaravathi. According to the Centre, there is nothing to give more to AP and declared that the list of promises is fulfilled.

More to this, the center in its counter file failed to mention the Visakhapatnam Special Railway Zone or Kadapa Steel Plant. Forget about the Special Industrial corridor between Vizag and Kakinada, the Krishnapatnam Port is also ruled out by the Centre by showing the reason of failing to fulfill the requirements. It is time for the people of AP to elect perfect leaders at least for the upcoming elections to see AP in good shape in the upcoming ten years of time.


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