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Speculations on Chiru’s secret meeting:

Speculations On Chiru’s Secret Meeting:

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The mighty megastar who took the chair of Industry head Dasari had called all the Tollywood heroes to his house for a secret meet. It’s been three days since this meet but still, there no one piece of information came out from any media or channel. But some movie analysts are trying to decode the hidden reasons for this meeting.

Chiranjeevi for the first time made news with him all-star heroes meeting in his house. Neither he nor the attended heroes opened up their mouths regarding this matter. If this meeting is about Sri Reddy, then there was no special action or committee formed in MAA after this meet. Or if this meeting is regarding boycotting some Channels which are playing with Tollywood celebrities like TV5 mentioned, there is no press release or comment regarding this reason as well. But a deeper look into the recent developments in the industry after this meet concludes a new point.

The point is all about Movie Promotions. Right from Mahesh Babu to the young heroes like Ram who attended this meeting are said to take the advice given by the T-town Boss Chiru. In his meeting, Chiru has speculated to be advised all the heroes to promote their flicks just like Bollywood. That means, instead of relying on the Channels, he asked heroes to personally go to the Public domains like Radio Stations, Colleges, Schools, Participating in some Social events, TV Programmes etc. If we observe this point, Mahesh is going to Vijayawada to promote Ban in an Engineering College. Stylish Star Allu Arjun is also visiting Military Madhavaram to organize his pre-release function. Even though no one explained the actual reason, for now, we can declare that Chiru’s meet is completely professional.

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