Shocker to TDP! Visakhapatnam TDP MLA to join YSRCP

Visakhapatnam TDP MLA kanna babu to join YSRCP

Shocker To TDP! Visakhapatnam TDP MLA To Join YSRCP

Posted April 27, 2018, 5:29 pm at 17:29 

Even with the 2019 AP Assembly elections still more than a year away, the Party presidents are already feeling the heat due to defectors. In the latest development, Vishakhapatnam TDP MLA Kanna Babu has publicly stated that he would soon join YSRCP in the presence of YS Jagan on May 5th in Vishakhapatnam.

Speaking to the media, MLA Kanna Babu said, ‘I worked day and night for the TDP party. I, along with my supporters have done many social activities bringing credibility to the TDP party. But the party’s high command is just ignoring me. They are looking down at me. TDP High command betrayed me on various fronts.

Even Nara Lokesh who has promised me has deceived me now. I cannot continue in a party where I’m not respected, and my series is not acknowledged. Hence, I choose to leave TDP, and join YSRCP’.

Further talking about his decision, MLA Kanna Babu said that ‘there wouldn’t be any change in my decision. Even if the god comes and requests me, my decision will remain unchanged’.

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