Rahul calls Modi’s China visit as ‘No Agenda’ visit

Rahul Calls Modi’s China Visit As ‘No Agenda’ Visit

Rahul calls Modi’s China visit As ‘No Agenda’ visit

Posted April 27, 2018, 5:37 pm at 17:37 


No wonder people’s response against Rahul Gandhi is improving with each passing day. He held the record for being the ‘Most Trolled Indian Politician’ record for almost 3 years on a row. But recently, government’s stance on various issues, and Modi – Amit Shah approach towards allies, and Rahul Gandhi’s matured responses is changing this impression.

In his latest tweet, Rahul Gandhi took a classic dig at PM Narendra Modi, who is on his China visit.

“Dear PM,

Saw the live TV feed of your “No Agenda” China Visit. You look tense. A quick reminder.

  2. China Pakistan Eco Corridor passes through POK. That’s Indian Territory.

India wants to hear you talk about these crucial issues.

You have our support” [sic] read his tweet.

The tweet has gone viral for all good reasons in case of Rahul Gandhi, and for all bad fate for PM Modi and BJP party. Twitter ties started trolling Modi for his China’s trip, while others appreciated Rahul Gandhi’s take on PM Modi, without stooping low.

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