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Sravanthi Ravi Kishore Sensible Decision Saved Ram

Sravanthi Ravi Kishore Saved Ram

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One of the senior producers of Tollywood, Sravanthi Ravi Kishore has taken a shocking decision which apparently became the talk of the industry circles. His call despite losing a few crores has said to be saved by Ram from a flop.Dwelling into the details, Producer Ravi Kishore is not just an Uncle to the Energetic Star Ram, but also a mentor and career advisor to his nephew. Most of the Ram’s flicks were produced by this maker and his upcoming flick is signed with this producer.

Recently Ram signed a thrilling crime thriller under the National Award winning director Praveen Sattaru who recently impressed movie lovers with Garuda Vega. He impressed the Ram and Ravi Kishore duo with his new story and confirmed his next with this duo. Recent information from Ram’s camp revealed that the producer is unhappy with the way the script has shaped up and the pre-production scared him all the way. By this time, the producer already spent 2 crores in story settings and pre-production but decided to shelve the project to prevent further damage to his money and to his nephew Ram.

Even though Ram liked the script, he respected his uncle’s decision and said sorry to the Guntur Talkies director.Losing 2 crores is better than some 5-10 crores, opine the movie lovers as the director did the same with his previous outing, Garuda Vega. The flick impressed the audience and critics but it failed to mint money to the producers. The movie ended up collecting some 8 crores of share whereas the producers spent more than 15 crores. Ravi Kishore and Ram said to be escaped from a flop, say the analysts.

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