Thursday, August 18, 2022
HomelatestSri Reddy Shifted Her Focus From Tollywood To T-Politics

Sri Reddy Shifted Her Focus From Tollywood To T-Politics

The most controversial lady Sri Reddy for some reasons started targeting Politicians. She left the TRS camp in shock by making baseless allegations on the TRS leader Jeevan Reddy all of a sudden. Sri Reddy has been silent for many days as she got not work not a controversy to create. Post her meaningless attack on Pawan Kalyan and his mother, she lost all the respect from women leaders and went into silent mode leaving TV viewers in heaven. Sri Reddy shifted her base from Hyderabad to Chennai as she is getting some offers from there and is giving interviews to Tamil media.

Sri Reddy Shifted Her Focus From Tollywood

During the #Metoo campaign, she confessed to a Tamil media that she was deeply harassed by a Politician called Jeevan Reddy who happened to be TRS MLA. Reddy claimed that the leader used to demand her to seek his pleasures by calling her on phone and talked dirty for many days. Not stopping there, Sri Reddy declared that Jeevan Reddy got the support of Telugu producer Bellamkonda Suresh in this whole issue.No one knows why she is focussing on politicians after a gap but the Tollywood are happy that she left both the industry and Hyderabad temporarily. Needless to say, her hot comments are now going viral and has become a discussing point for some media channels.

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